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Green Apple Events & Catering has been in operation since January 1, 2010. Our Green Apple name is to reflect that we are a sustainable green company and the apple is to symbolize that we are a proud Washington State business. The co-owners, Kris Brown and Cheryl Seaton are sisters who were born and raised in Kirkland, Washington.

Kris Brown, Co-Owner & Event Producer

Kris is the driving force that sets Green Apple Events & Catering apart from the rest. Not only is Kris an expert at event planning and execution but equally as important – she has that special quality that draws clients to her building a connection that fosters into a solid relationship. The client relationships are just as important as the delicious food as Kris is always quick to point out. It is the mantra that both she and our team live by. She loves meeting new people and building lasting relationships with them. In addition to event planning, Kris’s expertise is extensive including sales, employee management, logistics and operations. In her free time, Kris loves to spend time with her family & friends, as well as gardening, baking & wine tasting.


Cheryl Seaton, Co-Owner

Cheryl is the backbone of Green Apple Events & Catering. She is the financial director & facilities manager and on a more artistic side, she embraces the creative aspect at GAEC striving to stand out in our industry offering new and innovative options in food, décor & service. Cheryl finds real fulfillment inspiring our team to reach their full potential by providing every tool necessary to succeed, offering transparency, hearing her team and most importantly, trusting their judgment. It is of ultimate importance to her that GAEC provides an environment that fosters growth and collaboration. In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys traveling, boating and spending time with family.

Jacob Lewis, Executive Chef

Jacob makes the magic happen and he & his team have elevated our delicious food. He is an amazing leader and promotes a positive work environment. Jacob was promoted from Sous Chef to Executive Chef of Green Apple Events & Catering in May 2021. He has been cooking in kitchens for coming up on ten years. Some of his biggest regional influences are Latin-American, Southeast Asian, Indian, and foods that surround the Mediterranean. His passion of cooking is inspired by using spices and finding new combinations that excite his exploration for flavor. In his spare time he loves to live an active lifestyle and make music. My favorite outdoor activity is running. He looks forward to making you tasty treats soon!

Timia Goodman, Sales & Event Producer

Timia is the core of Green Apple Events & Catering. She is that exceptional person who cares deeply and understands the mechanics of each aspect at GAEC then takes that extra step to make sure every detail of each event is managed to perfection. She has that knack for anticipating the needs of everyone around her. Timia is a Seattle native. She was raised in the Issaquah area with her seven siblings. She joined the team at Green Apple Events and Catering in 2013 after returning from her year overseas in Sydney Australia. In her spare time Timia enjoys photography, hiking and spending time with her family and spunky little boy.

To learn more about our company, our mission and our services, we encourage you to contact us by calling one of our owners using the numbers below:

Kris Brown (Co-Owner): (206) 755-9575
Cheryl Seaton (Co-Owner) : (206) 713-1353

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A "Green" Company

  • Donates Used Oil
  • Buys Locally Grown Products
  • Partners with Cedar Grove to Compost Waste
  • Uses Water Efficient and Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Provides Bagasse Compostable Disposable products made from Sugar Cane Bi-Products

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