Green Apple Events & Catering Menu Selections

Please call us today and we will create a proposal for your event!

Our sample menus are a starting point… a way to introduce an array of menu possibilities to assist you in the planning process. While we hope you like these ideas, they are only the beginning. We look forward to visiting with you to get a feel for the special event you are planning. We will couple your vision, budget & preferences with our expertise and provide you with a catering proposal tailored specifically for you. We are confident that you will be thrilled with your overall event in addition to the first impression your guests are greeted with upon arrival – the tone will be set for a perfect event. We are committed to making your event exceptional through delicious cuisine, personalized service, and inviting décor.

Special Dietary Requirements – Please note any menu can be customized to meet your special dietary requirements.

Event Producer:

Kris Brown 206.755.9575

A "Green" Company

  • Donates Used Oil
  • Buys Locally Grown Products
  • Partners with Cedar Grove to Compost Waste
  • Uses Water Efficient and Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Provides Bagasse Compostable Disposable products made from Sugar Cane Bi-Products

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